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7 Steps to Get Jobs in Lithuania with Visa Sponsorship (2024)

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Are you planning to start a successful career abroad in Europe? Then Consider Lithuania as your work abroad destination. As an expert Europe job search consultant, I'm here to guide you in finding a suitable visa sponsorship job in Lithuania and applying for the visa seamlessly.

This guide will provide you with knowledge of in-demand IT job roles, average salaries, preparing a standard resume, exploring job opportunities, and the visa options available.

1. Understand the Lithuania Job Market:

Do your research about the Lithuanian job market. Know about the job market, average salaries for foreigners, in-demand IT job roles and skills, cultural nuances, language, growing sectors, and work visa types and upgrade yourself.

Research Lithuanian companies with a history of sponsoring visas for foreign skilled workers. Look for their open positions on their websites or through popular job boards and apply.

2. Top 10 In-Demand IT Jobs in Lithuania:

  1. Software Developer: ₹40-70 Lakh

  2. Data Scientist: ₹50-80 Lakh

  3. Cybersecurity Specialist: ₹55-90 Lakh

  4. IT Project Manager: ₹60 Lakh - ₹1 Crore

  5. Business Analyst: ₹45-75 Lakh

  6. Full Stack Developer: ₹40-70 Lakh

  7. Web Developer: ₹35-60 Lakh

  8. Network Engineer: ₹40-65 Lakh

  9. UI/UX Designer: ₹38-63 Lakh

  10. DevOps Engineer: ₹45-75 Lakh

3. Crafting Your Winning Resume:

Create a standard resume as per Europe job market standards and tailor your resume to each job, showcasing relevant skills and achievements. Optimize with job-specific keywords for ATS recognition. Use numbers to highlight your accomplishments. Keep it concise and easy to read.

Consult our top resume-writing experts in Hyderabad to build a standard CV for you as per Lithuanian market standards.

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4. Exploring job opportunities in Lithuania:

  • Work in Lithuania: https://workinlithuania.com/
  • CV Bankas: https://en.cvbankas.lt/
  • CV Online: https://www.cvonline.lt/en
  • Indeed Lithuania: https://www.indeed.com/q-lithuania-jobs.html
  • LinkedIn Lithuania: https://lt.linkedin.com/jobs/linkedin-jobs

 To know more about visa sponsorship jobs abroad or to get job search assistance, contact our expert Europe Job search consultants.

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5. Submit the Application & attend Interview:

Send your resume and cover letter as per the company's application guidelines. Prepare thoroughly with the common interview questions, research the company and demonstrate your adaptability, skills, work experience and enthusiasm to work in Lithuania during the interview.

6. Work Visa options after getting the job:

Highly Qualified Employee Visa:

This visa is designed for highly skilled professionals sponsored by their employers.

Intra-Corporate Transfer Visa:

For internal company transfers to Lithuania. 

Researcher Visa:

For research projects in Lithuania. 

Temporary Residence Permit: 

Short-term work opportunities.

Contact the nearest Lithuanian embassy or consulate in India to clarify visa sponsorship procedures and documentation requirements.

7. How do you apply for a Lithuania Work Visa from India?

1. Secure a work permit:

Before applying make sure your Lithuanian employer secures a work permit from Lithuania Labour Exchange. 

2. Gather documents:

Passport, job offer, CV, proof of funds, medical certificate, etc. (Specifics vary by your visa type.)

3. Submit Application Online:

Once you have the required work permit, apply for the visa online through the Lithuanian migration information system

4. Schedule an Appointment and Attend Visa Center:

After online submission, then visit the VFS Global Lithuania centre for biometrics and document submission.

5.  Pay visa fees:

 Fee Varies by visa type and duration. Check the VFS website for the costs.

6.  Attend an interview (if required):

Be prepared to discuss your qualifications and plans.

7.   Await decision:

Processing time varies based on the individual circumstances.


To secure a job in Lithuania with visa sponsorship from India, tailor your applications, excel in interviews, research companies, and show cultural adaptability. With preparation and persistence, Indian professionals can seize employment opportunities in Lithuania.

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