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Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSW) Visa - 2024: Eligibility, Requirements, and Application Process

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Who is a Federal Skilled Worker?

A Federal Skilled Worker can be any skilled Individual across the world with experience in the field that is in demand in Canada. 

He must have the ability to support himself upon his arrival in Canada and contribute to the country’s economy and settle in Canada successfully.

What is a Federal Skilled Worker Visa?

A Federal skilled Worker visa is a multiple entry visa issued for foreign skilled workers for 5 years who meet the requirements of the federal skilled worker program.

What is the Federal Skilled Program?

Federal Skilled Worker Program is the primary immigration program of Canada introduced to fulfil the country's workforce and economic needs.

This program was started in the year 1967, Federal Skilled Worker Program is now managed under Express Entry System 

After the introduction of the EE system, Creating an express entry profile is the first step to applying for a PR visa under the:

  1. Federal Skilled Worker Program

  2. Federal Skilled Trades Program

  3. Canadian Experience Class

Under the FSW program, you can live and work in any province in Canada except Quebec as it has its separate category and system for selecting the candidates.

Canada Express Entry Draws

Canada FSW draw 2023:

Since January 2023, Canada has been inviting candidates through the mix of all-program draws, PNP draws and only 1 FSW draw.

Below are the draw details:

Invitation Round - #240
Latest FSW Draw Date and time -February 2nd, 2023
Type of Draw -FSW draw
Number of ITAs issued - 3300

Lowest CRS Score- 289

Latest Canada Express Entry Draw 2023

The latest Express Entry draw held on August 15, 2023, invited a total of 4300 candidates under the newly introduced category-based selection draw and the draw is mainly targeted at French Speakers with a minimum score of 7 in reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Below are the Latest Express Entry draw details:

Invitation Round - #262
Express Entry Draw Date and time - 15.08.2023 at 13:11:16 UTC
Type of Draw - All Program draw
Number of ITAs issued - 4300
Latest CRS score - 496

Next Canada Expected Draw Date 2023 - Sep 20, 2023

FSW Canada requirements:

To be eligible under the federal skilled worker program you must meet the following basic requirements.

  1. Work experience in any of the fields that are in demand in Canada.

  2. Ability to communicate in English or French by undertaking a test.

  3. Arranged Job offer from an approved employer.


6 selection eligibility factors of the Canada FSW Program

Some Points are allotted for each factor on the Canada FSW 100 points grid system. You must score 67 points to be eligible to apply and successfully enter the express entry pool. Below are the six selection factors.

  1. Language Skills

  2. Education

  3. Age

  4. Work Experience

  5. Valid Arranged Job offer

  6. Adaptability


  1. Language Skills:

For Canada, whether you are applying for PR, a Work Permit or a Canada study visa it is mandatory to prove your communication skills in English or French by undertaking an official English Language test like IELTS.

You will be awarded a maximum of 28 points based on your ability to read, write, listen and speak. Check out the below table to know how many you will get for your test scores with IELTS.


  • IELTS Test for English

























CLB 10

  • French Language Test

TEF Canada

TFC Canada

The (TEF Canada) Test d’évaluation de français pour le Canada is one of the tests approved by IRCC (Immigration Refugees Citizenship Canada) for the French.

The TCF Canada (Test de connaissances du français pour le Canada) managed by the Centre International d’ÉtudesPédagogiques (CIEP) in France.

You need to score a minimum level of 7 NCLC.

You should be able to score a minimum level of 7 NCLC.


2. Education:

For those studying in Canada, they must provide a degree or diploma from a high-school or post-secondary institution.

Those who have completed their education outside Canada must provide an Educational Credential Assessment Report (ECA).

ECA is used to validate and verify whether your foreign diploma, degree or certificate is equivalent to Canadian education.

A maximum of 25 points will be awarded for your education. Number of points allotted depends on your educational level. Below is the table of points allocated for educational level.

Education Qualifications

allotted Maximum Points

University degree or equivalent to PhD

25 Points

Holding a Masters's Degree

23 Points

Holding a Double-Bachelor Degree

22 Points

Bachelor’s Degree

21 Points

3 Years Diploma Course after Higher Secondary

19 Points

3 Years Diploma Course after High School

15 Points

High School

5 Points


3. Work Experience:

You need at least 1 year of full-time work experience or equivalent part-time work experience in an occupation with a skill level in 0, A or B of the Canada NOC (National Occupation Classification)

A maximum of 15 points will be awarded for your work experience and the number depends upon your years of work experience.

Below is the table of points allotted based on the years of work experience.

Work experience


1 year (minimum required under the program)


2-3 years


4-5 years


6 years or more



4. Age:

A maximum of 12 points will be allotted based on your age at the time of applying. Below is the table that shows how many points are based on age group.



Under 18


























47 and older



5. Adaptability:

If your spouse is accompanying you then you increase your score by providing her details like work experience, education and language skills.

You will be awarded a maximum of 10 points for your partner or spouse's skills.


Adaptability Factors

Maximum points

Your partner’s or spouse's skills

5 Points

If pursued your education in Canada

5 Points

If your partner or spouse has pursued an education in Canada

5 Points

If having you previous work experience in Canada

10 Points

If your spouse is having past work experience in Canada

5 Points

If you have an arranged employment

5 Points

If you have any relatives living in Canada

5 Points


6. Valid Arranged Employment in Canada

Getting a valid job offer from an approved Canadian employer will fetch you points. Job offers must be full-time and valid for 1 year in an occupation listed as Skill 0, A or B of the National Occupation Classification.

To get 10 points one of the below cases will also apply:

Case 1: 

If the candidate is currently working in Canada on an LMIA-based work permit in a skilled occupation then

  • The candidate LMIA based work permit must be still valid when the application is made to apply for the FSW program.

  •  The job offer must be a full-time job in a skilled occupation

Case 2:   

If the candidate is currently working in Canada on a labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)-exempt work permit or a work permit issued under a provincial/territorial agreement.

  • Candidates' Work permit must be still valid when the application is made and the employer has made a full-time job offer in a skilled occupation of the NOC.

Case 3:

The candidate holds a Canadian work permit or is otherwise authorized and permitted to work in Canada, but does not fall into either of the above 2 scenarios.

  • The work permit authorization is valid when the application is made.

  • A prospective Canadian-approved employer has offered a permanent, full-time job to the candidate and this job offer is supported by a positive LMIA.

Case 4: 

If the candidate has no valid Canadian work permit.

  • A prospective Canadian-approved employer has offered a permanent, full-time valid job to the candidate and this job offer is supported by a positive LMIA (occupation is in demand in Canada).

Proof of Funds (2023):

Candidates without a job offer must show that they have enough funds to support their stay in Canada. Proof of funds required depends on the size of the application’s family.

Proof of Funds Required for: 

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)

  • Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)

Proof of Funds Not Required for : 

  • Canadian Experience Class, or

  • if applying under the Federal skilled worker program or Federal skilled trades program with 

  1.  a valid job offer and 

  2. authorisation to work in Canada

IRCC Express Entry Proof of Funds Requirement for the year 2023

Proof of funds required as of April 25, 2023

IRCC Express Entry Proof of Funds Requirement for the year 2023

Number of family members 

Funds required in Canadian dollars (CAD)

Approximate in Indian Rupees (INR) 

As per 1 CAD = 60.05 INR


CAD 13,757



CAD 17,127



CAD 21,055



CAD 25,564



CAD 28,994



CAD 32,700



CAD 36,407


For each additional family member 

CAD 3,706



How to check your eligibility for the FSW program?

Check your eligibility to apply for a federal skilled worker visa using our points calculator. To be eligible you must score a minimum of 67 points.

Check Your Score 

How to apply for the FSW Program?

Step-by-step process to apply for the federal skilled worker program (FSW).

Step 1: Check your eligibility

Check whether you are eligible to apply for a Federal Skilled Worker visa using the 100 points grid system before entering the express entry pool. You must score a minimum of 67 points or above on the Federal Skilled Worker points calculator.

Step 2: Create Express Entry Profile

Congrats, if you have successfully scored above 67 points on the FSW points grid system. Then you can create your express entry profile. To create your express entry profile you need to provide the below documents to IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada).

  1. Valid Passport

  2. ECA report

  3. English language test results

  4. Medical Examination report from an IRCC-approved panel physician

  5. Police Clearance Certificate

  6. Work Experience Letter from your previous employers

Check your eligibility Now!

Step 3: Invitation to apply (ITA)

IRCC conducts express entry draws every 2 weeks and selects suitable candidates from the pool of express entry applicants and sends them ITAs to apply for PR.

If you have successfully received an ITA then you will have 60 days to submit an electronic application for permanent residence (eAPR).

Step 4: Review and Getting Canada PR

Once the Canadian immigration officer reviews your application he may also apply for other documents too. If you have submitted all the documents and your application is approved you will receive a confirmation of permanent residence document (COPR).

Step 5: Applying for a PR card:

After receiving the confirmation letter, you can apply for a Permanent residence card. You need to show this card when you travel outside of Canada as proof of status in Canada.