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Our resume marketing Services in Hyderabad can give you the competitive edge you need to succeed in your abroad job search.

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International job market is open for skilled professionals across the globe, but finding a suitable job opportunity takes time and ability.

Most skilled professionals are preoccupied with their work schedule and they hardly get time to look for a job.

This is where our resume marketing services come in and help you in finding an international job opportunity and make you land your dream job.

Read on to know more about our professional resume marketing services, why you need them and how it helps you.

What is a resume marketing service?

The main goal of resume marketing services is to get you more job offers in your chosen country by enhancing your profile on various job boards.

Why choose resume marketing service?

Lack of time and enough knowledge about the international job market can confuse the jobseeker in deciding the country to focus on that suits his or her profile.

Our job search consultants have enough knowledge about the job openings in each country that suits your profile. We make your profile noticeable to recruiters, and employers in your targeted country. We also suggest a country to choose and apply for if there is demand for his or her profile.

At Global Job Assist, First Our expert resume writing professionals will craft you an ATS-friendly resume that stands out.

Then our resume marketing consultants  find suitable job opportunities for you in your chosen country as soon as possible and guide you while applying for the job. 

How do Resume Marketing Services work?

Our resume marketing consultants do intensive opportunity research and apply for jobs on your behalf and get you an interview call successfully.

  • Intensive opportunity research:

    A resume marketing consultant finds the trends in each country and assists you in improving and enhancing your profile accordingly on various job boards.
  • Applying for the Job: 

    We will create a profile for you on all the trusted job portals and apply to relevant jobs on your behalf. Our resume marketing consultant will support you during each phase of the job search process. Our ultimate goal is to get more right job offers for you.

Resume marketing is key in getting your desired job, we at Global Job Assist will help you to create an effective resume and get you connected with a certain number of professionals in the specific regions of the country that you want to migrate to, which improves your chances of getting a desired job.

What our abroad job search and resume marketing consultants do?

  • Our resume marketing consultant will read and follow the instructions on the job ads posted before applying.

  • We only pick job posts that match your job profile. With our expertise, We do our best and choose the right tactics to get responses from recruiters and employers.

  • We make sure that with our resume writing services, we will create an ATS-friendly resume and cover letter that matches your resume with the needs of the job posted. 

  • We will highlight your skills and strengths, and work experience by including industry-specific keywords in the resume and make your resume and profile stand out from the other applicants.

What is the cost of resume marketing service?

We offer resume marketing services with different time periods and we charge according to the time period. As of now we offer services from 1 month to 3 months.          

To know more about our resume writing and marketing services give us a call  at +91 9010835901 from Monday to Saturday 10.00 AM - 6.00 PM. 

Alternatively, Fill out our contact form and one of our experts will call you back and will answer your queries.