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At Global Job Assist, we are committed to helping you find a job abroad. Our ecosystem of services ensures you always have the support you need at every step of the way.

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If you are a skilled professional? Looking for a local or remote job opportunity abroad to obtain a visa, increase your income, and advance your career? 

Then you will have to invest a lot of time, energy and effort to learn about the international job application processes, resume and CV preparation per country or industry standards, resources, interviews, salary expectations and many more! 

To ease this process, you can take the assistance of our experienced abroad job search service providers. They will support you throughout the process, increase your visibility to recruiters worldwide, and give you the best chance to succeed.

We offer job search services to countries like Canada, Australia, the UK, USA and Germany.

Understand how to use this job search service to your advantage to get a job abroad in this read.

Who is a Job Search Consultant?

A job search consultant assists a job seeker in performing a job search, searching for jobs on your behalf, applying for those jobs, networking with key decision-makers and many more.

Job search consultant duties include:

Job Searching:

Assign a dedicated consultant to identify highly targeted relevant job opportunities for you.

Job Applying:

After getting approval from your side, your consultant will customize your resume and apply to jobs on your behalf. 

Networking / Resume Marketing:

Our resume marketing consultant will find key decision-makers, share your resume to give your profile additional exposure and visibility, and get your resume in front of potential hiring managers.

Interview Preparation:

You can get one-on-one personalized interview training to get you through the interviews.

Why Job search service?

Getting your dream job abroad can be a difficult task unless you have a family member, relative or friend who can make an introduction, refer you and get you hired.

Below are some of the reasons why someone might look for help in finding a job abroad

  • To save time and energy and allocate sufficient time to learn a new skill.

  • To protect yourself from various online job search scams.

  • Increasing competition makes it demanding for all job seekers.

  • To give yourself sufficient time to prepare for interviews, rework your resume and improve your chances of securing a job in less time.

Important reasons/factors for finding a job abroad from India?

  • Higher Pay

  • Easy Work Visa

  • Better career opportunities and prospects

  • for work-life balance

  • New Life Experiences

Steps to Follow to find a job abroad?

  1. Check your eligibility criteria for working in your targeted country.

  2. Find whether your profile/occupation is in demanding or not.

  3. Know the work permit types and application process and get the required work permit.

  4. Search for the relevant job opportunity based on your previous work experience. To ease this process, you can take help from paid job search providers.

  5. Utilize various free/paid job search platforms like Linkedin, Indeed, Naukri etc.

  6. Know the company you are willing to work for or apply for beforehand.

  7. Inform people in your network (friends and family) where you are willing to work and ask them for references if any.

  8. Know about the funds required to support your stay in the country.

  9. Visit the country/place once to know about the local people and environment conditions, job opportunities etc.

How can Global Job Assist help you?

We have an experienced, dedicated team at Global Job Assist to review your profile, search and apply for jobs abroad on your behalf and in receiving offers from companies around the world. 

We know what it takes to succeed in the international job search.

We will help you polish your application to make you stand out from the crowd and increase visibility to recruiters. 

We help you find suitable job roles and fantastic job opportunities in your target country that match your interests and professional profile.

Global Job Assist – job search service process.

Over the years, we have fine-tuned our job search services to increase the success rate. Our process to helping you find a job abroad consists of the following:

Job Search Strategy Report: 

Our team of experts create a comprehensive strategic report analyzing your profile based on your interests, preferences, salary expectations, skills, and experience in your target country.

Check your eligiblity to apply for Canada, UK or Australian Immigration using our initial Evaluation report. 

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Resume review: 

Once we receive your resume, we will make sure your resume is up to industry and international standards and stands out from the competition applications.

Cover Letter Review:

We will review your cover letter and structure it to catch the attention of hiring managers.

LinkedIn Profile Review: 

We will optimize your LinkedIn Profile page to increase your chances of getting better job opportunities.

Opportunity research: 

We will identify the current industry trends and job sources to ensure we attract more job offers for you. We also help you improve and strengthen your profile on different platforms.

Job Applications: 

We register your profile on various portals and international job search sites and apply to all relevant job postings on your behalf.

At Global Job Assist, we are committed to helping you find a job abroad. Our ecosystem of services ensures you always have the support you need at every step of the way. 

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Client Testimonials

I thought this service was a great overall benefit for someone looking for a job offer in another country. This experienced team helped and guided me in the right direction and made me feel more confident that I would get a job offer in my field of expertise.


“This was well-organized and thoroughly researched information. I am very pleased to ask Global Job Assist to provide the foundational information for my job search. I can get a job in my chosen future home now!”

K. Suresh

“Global Job Assist team helped me develop a long-term career plan for working in the USA and Canada. I now understand how to stand out as an applicant and who to reach out to when applying abroad. I’m well-positioned to secure a job in my dream country.”

A. Mahesh

Frequently asked questions

Why should I trust Global Job Assist?

We are a team of experienced professionals with more than five years of experience in providing job search services and helping many candidates apply to, interview for, and receive offers from many countries across Canada, Australia, the UK, USA.

Can you get me a job?

Based on your eligibility criteria and job profile, we will try our best to increase your chances of finding a job overseas. At the same time, it also depends on your skill and ability to ace the interview and get a job offer from an employer.

Global Job Assist Pvt Ltd is NOT a RECRUITMENT (or) PLACEMENT AGENCY; we neither assist in any Job/employment offers nor guarantee any kind of domestic/International placements. 

How do you personalize the Job Search Strategies and Salary Report?

Every detail in the report will be customized according to the country you choose in the initial questionnaire, which we’ll send you. We only provide recruiting companies in your chosen country that cover your target job areas. The salary report will depend on the job designation and the city you choose for your job search.

What if I need a resume or cover letter?

Don’t worry! We have some pre-defined standard resume and cover letter templates that we will share with you after purchasing those services so that you can modify and add you are relevant information. Then we will share our feedback on them.

Can you help me prepare for my interviews?

Yes, we offer one-to-one interview training services to help you practice interview questions, conduct mock interviews, and answer all your questions throughout your job search.

How does the pricing work?

The prices for these job search services are per person. You can include more job seekers in the deliverable for the Job Search Strategies and Salary Report service for an additional 4000 Rs per person.

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