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Apply for Dubai Tourist Visa in 5 Steps - Global Job Assist

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Dubai is one of the top destinations in 2024. Millions of people travel to Dubai each year, with Indians topping the list as the biggest international source market.

Planning to Visit Dubai? Then read this comprehensive guide to learn about Dubai tourist visas, the application process, the documents required and the processing time.

What is a Dubai Tourist Visa?

For non-citizens visiting Dubai, a Visit Visa is necessary. This visa grants access to the renowned city of the UAE (United Arab Emirates) for leisure purposes. It's a short-term visa typically valid for 30 or 90 days, with options to convert it to an employment or residence visa.

Dubai Tourist Visa Eligibility Criteria:

 To visit Dubai, ensure you meet these criteria:

If your age is under age 21, then you should be accompanied by immediate relatives (your parents are siblings aged above 21).

Female passengers must be accompanied by a father, adult brother, husband, adult son, or immediate relative.

Note: Travel insurance is mandatory.

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Documents required for Dubai Tourist Visa:

  • Completed application form:

    Fill out the tourist visa application form accurately and avoid any errors.

  • Passport copies:

    Include your current valid Indian passport and any previous ones with UAE (United Arab Emirates) visas.

  • Proof of Sponsorship (if applicable):

  1. Sponsor passport copies: Provide copies of your sponsor's (family/friend/relative) passport.

  2. Relationship documents: For spouses/partners, show marriage certificates or proof of cohabitation. Birth certificates demonstrate child sponsorship.

  3. Identity proofs: Copies of your and your sponsor's IDs are necessary.


Additional Documents:

  • Recent photographs of you: Must meet the size and format requirements.

  • Current Employment and occupation documents (if applicable): Employer statements and salary slips to prove your financial stability.

  • A Cover letter stating your purpose for visiting Dubai and your intended stay duration.

  • Financial proofs like bank statements to demonstrate that you have adequate funds to cover your stay and other trip expenses.

How to apply for a Dubai Tourist Visa?

 Dubai Visa Journey in 6 Steps:

  1. Fill & Sign:

    Complete the Tourist Visa application form accurately and sign where indicated.

  2. Photo Check:

    Attach valid recent photographs that meet the requirements like size and format.

  3. Document Preparation:

    Gather all the required valid documents as per your application status.

  4. Submission Time:

    Head to the nearest UAE Visa Processing Centre with your application, submit it and pay the required fees.

  5. Track Your Progress:

    Once submitted, check your visa application status online.

Costs of Different Dubai Visa Types

Dubai Visa Type

New UAE Visa Fees (Indian rupees)

30 Days Tourist Visa

6,000 INR

48 Hours Transit Visa

845  INR

96 Hours Transit Visa

1,895 INR

90 Days Tourist Visa

14,555 INR

Express Tourist Visa

7,655 INR

Express 48 Hours Transit Visa

2,500 INR

Express 96 Hours Transit Visa

3,550 INR

90 Days Multiple Entry Long-Term Visa

35,230 INR

30 Days Multiple Entry Short-Term Visa

14,025 INR

Cancellation Charges

2,280 INR


How Global Job Assist Can Help You?

Global Job Assist, a Dubai tourist visa consultant in Hyderabad, simplifies the visa application process by providing expert guidance.

1. Expert Guidance:

We offer clear instructions and personalized assistance to ensure a smooth and straightforward application experience.

2. Document Preparation:

We help in gathering and organizing required documents accurately and efficiently.

3.  Application Submission:

We will make sure all paperwork is submitted correctly and on time, saving you the hassle.

4.  Updates and Support:

Keeping you informed about the progress and providing support throughout the process.

However, if you have questions or require assistance, our expert Dubai Tourist visa consultants are happy to help.  

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