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Get Hired Faster in you dreaming country with our standard International resume writing services in Hyderabad.We provide services to Canada,UK,USA,Australia and Germany.

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Looking for a international resume writing services to help you craft a winning resume? Our resume writing services can elevate your job search game. Let us help you stand out from the crowd and land your dream job.

Two major concerns most immigrants face while planning to apply for a visa in their dream country are:

  • Finding a suitable job after the completion of the immigration process. Or

  • Getting a job offer beforehand, before moving to his dream country.

We offer resume writing and resume marketing services to our clients through our highly experienced team of resume writing professionals, who have in-depth knowledge, and a thorough understanding of the requirements of the international job market.

What is a resume writing service?

A resume preparation service is a paid service provided by companies and freelancers who help job seekers by creating a high-quality resume that communicates a candidate's work experience, and skills to employers.

These resumes are constructed upon discussing with the candidates about their skills, present and past work experiences, educational qualifications, achievements, certifications etc.

The ultimate aim of this polished resume is to catch the attention of potential employers and to get you an interview leading to a desired job abroad.

This service also includes Cover letters and thank-you letters to employers.

Why do you need a professional resume writing service?

These experienced professional resume writers have a thorough understanding of the requirements of the international job market.

They will craft you a skill-based resume that presents and highlights all your strengths in the best possible manner by including the right industry-related keywords at all the right places in your resume that the hiring companies are exactly looking for.

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What should a good resume include?

A Good resume should have a name, email address, phone number, website (if you have one), address, career objective, work history, education, certifications, awards, volunteer work and other skills to help employers determine that your skill set matches and meets the requirements of the open position.

What should you avoid in a resume?

  • Avoid including personal information like age, marital status, 

  • No Grammatical errors and spelling mistakes

  • Avoid including false information 

  • Do not include too much information and try to complete the resume in 2 pages.

  • Don’t send the same resume for all the jobs. Try to modify the resume according to the job requirements.

What makes a better resume?

A perfect resume grabs the attention of recruiters and employers by selling your strongest skills and accomplishments and indicates that you are the perfect match for the role or project.

What is an ATS-friendly resume?

It is difficult for employers to sort out the most suitable candidate from the thousands of resumes received online for a job post in a short time.

To fasten the recruitment process many companies started using ATS.

ATS also called the Application tracking system is a specifically designed software program used by large companies and recruiters for the initial screening of the resumes of the candidates who had applied for the job post given by the employer.

It goes through the candidate's resumes and ranks them based on how well they match the profile of the job post given. 

This ATS computer software program sorts out the received candidate's resume based on the title of the required job role, skills, experience, and industry-specific keywords that you have mentioned in your job post.

It is estimated that over 70% of the resumes never reach the hiring manager. They are disqualified in the initial screening done by ATS.

How to prepare an ATS-friendly resume?

Five ways to make your resume gets past the initial ATS screening and be more ATS-friendly

  • Add industry specific keywords:

    Include the job-related and industry-specific keywords relevant to the position you have applied for.

  • Add relevant Headings:

    Use relevant commonly-used headings that make sense like skills, experience, education etc.

  • Follow chronological format:

    Mention your most recent or current employment, then move to previous employment and so on and end with your first job.

  • ATS-friendly resume template format specification tips:

  • Don’t use unwanted special fonts, Use basic fonts, such as Arial, Times New Roman etc

  • No special characters

  • Font size 10-12 points

  • Strategically-place the keywords

  • 1-inch border

  • Readability

  • Remove images and tables and includes keywords from the job description Save in the right format: 

  • Save your resume in pdf or .docx format.

Sample ATS-Friendly Resume Template for Digital Marketing Professional

sample ats friendly resume template for experienced digital marketing professional

How to prepare a Cover letter (CV) ?

Sample Cover letter for experienced professionals:

Frequently Asked Question and Answers (FAQs):

Is CV and resume the same?

No, a CV and resume are not the same 

Find the differences below:





Resume means summary in the French language

CV stands for Curriculum Vitae. It means – course of life


It is written in Short (normally 1 page )

It can be lengthy ( 2-3 pages)

Job specific

It is different for each job

It is same for different jobs

Contains Information related

Professional achievements are listed

Academic qualifications, certifications, and achievements are listed


Mainly used for applying for jobs

Mainly used for academic purposes


Sometimes included


How much do resume writing services in Hyderabad cost?

The cost of resume preparation services depends on the factors like resume writing company, experience of the writer, type of resume, candidate work experience etc. price generally ranges from hundreds to few thousand rupees.