Best UK Immigration & Visa Consultants in Hyderabad (2023)

Global Job Assist is one of the best UK visa consultants in Hyderabad that provides job assistance to the UK and can also guide you in securing the work visa as well.

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The UK has become a popular destination for Indians who wish to migrate to the UK for work due to its diverse and numerous job opportunities and good working conditions.

There are over 1 million job vacancies for skilled professionals in the UK as of January 2023. IT ,Teaching, finance, healthcare and engineers are among the in-demand occupations.

The UK encourages qualified foreign skilled professionals to migrate and work in the country on a UK Skilled Worker Visa to fill the shortage of skilled individuals in various sectors. If you are a skilled professional with 3 years of work experience and planning to migrate to the UK then read this comprehensive guide to know more about the visa.

What is a UK Skilled Worker Visa?

UK skilled Worker Visa replaced Tier 2 General Work Visa that allows qualified individuals to move and work in the country for an approved employer.

This visa is valid for 3 years and you can extend it for 2 more years.

This visa is for those individuals who have a job offer in the UK with a minimum salary from an approved employer and whose occupation or profession is in the shortage occupation list.

Best UK Skilled Worker Visa Consultant in Hyderabad

Our expert UK work visa consultants in Hyderabad will give you complete information about the in-demand occupations in the UK, average salaries in the UK based on the occupation, and other career prospects etc. We also provide you job search assistance to help you find employment quickly, once you receive an offer letter, will guide you with the work permit visa.

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How Global Job Assist a UK skilled visa consultant can help you?

We offer following services for those who want to work in UK:

Profile assessment:

 We will check your eligibility to apply for a UK work visa beforehand. Know your eligibility through our UK immigration points calculator.

Resume writing services:

Global job assist offers international resume writing services that make your profile stand out from the rest of the applicants.

Job search services:

Our experienced Abroad job search consultants in Hyderabad who are very much familiar with the UK job market, in demand occupations can assist you in getting a job offer in the UK with visa sponsorship quickly and efficiently. We also job search services to countries  like Canada, Australia, Germany, London for Indian professionals who are looking to get a job abroad from India Quickly and for Work Visa.

Work Visa Assistance:

Once you receive your job offer in the UK. We will also help you with the work visa.            

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Why work in the UK?

  1. Good salary and better job opportunities

  2. High standard of living

  3. Opportunity to bring dependents and family members

  4. Better health care and education for children

  5. Work for up to 5 years on skilled visa

Want to get a job in UK and apply for work visa? Read this comprehensive guide on how to get a job in UK from India and also know about how to apply for UK work visa.

Eligibility Criteria to apply for UK Skilled Visa?

To check your eligibility to work in the UK, a points-based system is used where you need to score a minimum 70 points. These points are awarded based on the following factors:

  1. A sponsorship certificate from the employer who has offered you a job offer.

  2. Must be proficient in English

  3. Your job offer must have a minimum salary of $25,600 per year. This can be higher or lower based on the occupation.

  4. Sufficient proof of funds to cover your stay in the UK.

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UK Skilled Visa to Permanent residency (ILR) in the UK.

After living and working in the UK for five years under the applied skilled worker visa. You are eligible to apply for permanent residency also known as ILR (indefinite leave to remain). To qualify and to get ILR under the skilled worker visa category, you need to meet the following requirements.

  1. Minimum Annual Salary

  2. In the period of 5 years under a skilled worker visa you should not spend more than 90 days out of the country.

  3. Your Current visa sponsor should still have a valid Sponsor license in the relevant category (or must have an application for renewal under consideration by the Home Office).