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The UK is one of the most sorted destinations for foreigners to study, work across the globe due to its quality of education, high standard of living, and employment opportunities.

The UK has some world-class universities and has set a standard in quality in academics.

If you wish to study in the UK then read our guide to know about the UK student visa, requirements, costs involved, application process and post-study work options.

Our student visa consultant UK in Hyderabad will guide you in every step of the application process to get you a student visa.

Why is Global Job Assist the Best UK Student Visa Consultant in Hyderabad?

Our experienced student visa agents in Hyderabad are very much familiar with the UK education system and will guide you in every step of the visa process until you reach the UK. 

Below is the 10 step procedure we follow while applying for student visa:

  1. University Selection and Course selection

Our student visa consultant will use their years of expertise to research and will suggest you the best university and course based on your interests, and affordability.

  1. SOP (Statement of Purpose) assistance to apply for the UK university.

  2. Check your eligibility

You need to get a student visa to study in UK. To apply for student visa you need to provide and show that

  • You have received a confirmation letter from the university or college where you intend to study. This letter is also called as “confirmation of acceptance for studies” (COE).

  • Enough proof of funds to cover your stay, living costs and course fee.

  • Proficient in English

  1. Collecting the required documents

  • Filled student visa application form with your signature.

  • Valid passport

  • Passport size colored photograph as per the photo guidelines.

  • Evidence of confirmed seat at your selected university i.e. (confirmation of acceptance for studies) letter.

  1. Register and Apply online

  • You need to register an account on the UK official site. Fill the form without any errors, print the form and sign on it.

  • Book an appointment for the visa interview at your nearest UK visa application center. After the completion of your online application you will receive a message containing the application number.

  1. Pay your application fee

  2. Visit the visa application center on an appointed date.

Visit the visa application center on the scheduled appointment date and submit your application, photographs, and fingerprints.

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Upcoming intakes in the UK for 2024?

Intake1: September/October intake (Fall) 

Intake 2: January/February intake (Winter).

Intake 3: May intake by some universities for specific courses

UK Post study Work visa options

If you successfully completed your full-time course you can apply for a post study work visa to stay in the UK and look for work for up to 2 years (3 years incase of doctoral degree).

This post study work visa is also called a graduate route visa or post study work permit.

What to do After the UK Post Study Work Visa Ends?

After the completion of post study work visa period, if you intend to stay longer in the UK then you can apply for a United Kingdom skilled worker visa (Tier 2 visa or general  visa) or any other relevant visa. Inorder to be eligible for Skilled worker visa, you need a job that pays you about $25,600 per year or $10.10 per hour. This pay can be lower or higher for certain jobs. You need to have a job offer before you apply.