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UK Skilled Worker Visa | UK Work Visa | Eligibility and required Documents

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If you are a skilled professional looking for job opportunities abroad, for faster career growth, good work-life balance and high wages, then the UK is the right destination for you to be in 2023.

After exiting the European Union (EU) in Jan 2020. The UK brought a new points-based immigration system and a new skilled worker visa program that treats both European Union (EU) and non-European Union citizens equally.

Under the skilled worker visa program, the UK allows highly-skilled workers from across the globe to enter the country who can contribute to the UK's economy and help fill the skilled labor shortage faced by the country.

Read on to know more about the new UK skilled worker visa.

What is a UK Skilled Worker Visa?

Tier 2 (General) Visa in December (2020) is replaced with a new skilled worker visa (2021) after the introduction of a new points-based immigration system.

This visa is introduced to invite international skilled workers into the UK to fill the skilled-worker shortage in various sectors. There are various eligibility factors to be fulfilled by an applicant to apply for a skilled worker visa.

After staying for 5 years in the UK, the skilled worker visa can lead to Indefinite leave to remain (ILR).

What are the Eligibility requirements of a UK skilled worker visa?

To be eligible for a skilled worker visa you must below requirements:

  1. You must score at least 70 points on the new points-based immigration system.

  2. You must have a job offer from a UK company that holds a sponsorship license.

  3. The salary for the job that was offered to you by the UK employer must be min £25,600 (euros) or the 'going rate' for the job, whichever is higher.

  4. proficiency in English

  5. Must hold a job offer which requires skill level – RQF 3 or above (A Level and equivalent).

  6. Proof of funds of £1,270 (euros) in savings (for a single applicant) to support living expenses during your stay in the UK.

  7. Must provide a good character and medical record.

  8. your job must be present in the eligible job list and occupation code

Check your eligibility using our UK PR Points calculator tool.

What are the documents required for a UK skilled worker visa?

  1. Proof of English Language proficiency test results (IELTS, TOEFL).

  2. A valid passport and other government-provided documents which show your identity and nationality.

  3. Job title, salary offered in the offer letter, and occupation code under which the job falls based on the defined UK’s Shortage occupation list (SOL).

  4. Certificate of sponsorship (COS) reference number

  5. UK Employer name and sponsorship license number

  6. Proof of funds like Bank statements, and savings which demonstrate you can financially support yourself during your stay in the UK.

  7. Tuberculosis (TB) test result (if applicable) if you're coming from a listed country.

  8. Proof of your relationship to your dependents like children, or partner, if they are applying with you

  9. Criminal record certificate if you’re applying for certain jobs. (jobs in healthcare, education and welfare sectors).

  10. Your UK PhD certificate or your unique Ecctis reference number (formerly unique UK NARIC reference number) if the qualification is from outside the UK (if applicable).

  11. Must have a blank page in your passport if you are from outside the European Union (EU) countries, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, or Liechtenstein.

Note: Any documents which are not written in English or Welsh must be translated by an accredited translator. You need to include both the original version and translated version in your portfolio of evidence.

What is the Visa Processing Time for the UK Skilled Worker Route?

It takes approximately 3 weekly to process your application

What are the Costs involved in applying for a UK skilled worker visa?

  • The standard application fee falls between 610 (61,885 Indian Rupees) to 1,408 pounds (1,42,540 Indian Rupees) depending on your circumstances.

  • Need to pay the healthcare surcharge, of 624 pounds (63,306 Indian Rupees) per year.

  • Proof of funds 1,270 pounds (128844 INR)

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