Best Australian immigration Consultants in Hyderabad (2023)

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As the top Australian immigration consultants in Hyderabad, we understand the appeal of Australia for skilled workers and business individuals. Its strong economy, high-quality living standards, and technological advancements make it a desirable destination for thousands of immigrants each year.

To enhance your chances of becoming a Permanent Resident in Australia, possessing specialized skills in technical sectors is crucial. Our expert team at Global Job Assist is dedicated to guiding you through the immigration process, ensuring you have the best opportunity to settle down in this beautiful country. 

Let us help you turn your Australian dreams into reality with our comprehensive immigration services.

How to immigrate to Australia from Hyderabad?

To immigrate to Australia from Hyderabad, it's crucial to comprehend the country's immigration laws and organized system. Aspiring immigrants from Hyderabad, especially those in vital industries like Banking & Financial Services and IT, seek the best consultancy for Australian PR. 

Understanding Australia's visa categories, eligibility criteria, and documentation requirements is essential. Take Assistance from a reputable Australian immigration and visa consultant in Hyderabad can simplify the process and increase your chances of success. 

These experts will guide you through the application process, provide personalized advice, and ensure that all necessary documents are prepared accurately. With the right guidance and preparation, you can embark on your journey to Australia and potentially make it your second home.

Check your eligiblity to apply for Australia PR using our Australia Skilled Immigration Points Calculator

How you can choose the right pathway for Australia PR?

To choose the right pathway for Australian PR from Hyderabad, assess your skills and background. Consult experienced Australia visa consultants in Hyderabad for a detailed profile evaluation and guidance on the suitable visa subclass. Trust experts for a smooth immigration process.

Benefits of Australian PR Visa:

1. Indefinite Residence: Live in Australia permanently.

2. Full Working Rights: Choose any occupation (except Public service or Armed forces).

3. Family Sponsorship: Ability to sponsor family members.

4. Improved Credit Rating.

5. First Home Owner Grant: Eligible for a grant worth $10,000.

6. Student Loans Access.

7. Citizenship for Children: Children of PR holders become Australian citizens by birth.

8. Medicare Coverage: Comprehensive healthcare coverage.

9. Social Security Benefits: Access to social welfare benefits.

10. Eligibility for Australian Citizenship.

What are the fees and costs applicable for Australia Immigration?

Fees and Costs for Australia Immigration (Subclass 189 and Subclass 190 visas):

Subclass 189 Visa:

Primary applicant: AUD 4,045 (2,22,844 Indian rupees)

Spouse: AUD 2,020 (1,11,284 Indian rupees)

Child: AUD 1,015 per child (55,917 Indian rupees)


Subclass 190 Visa:

Primary applicant: AUD 4,045  (2,22,844 Indian rupees).

Spouse: AUD 2,020 (1,11,284 Indian rupees).

Child: AUD 1,015 per child  (55,917 Indian rupees).


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