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Germany Student Visa - Requirements, Fees, Cost, Intake, processing time and how to apply

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Germany offers plenty of employment opportunities for international students who wish to establish their careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) related subjects due to its research-oriented education system. Our German Educational Consultants in Hyderabad are a team of experienced individuals with the German education system and can help you in achieving your dream of studying in Germany.

What is a German Student Visa?

For international students to study in Germany it is mandatory to apply for a Germany Student Visa. This visa allows international students to stay and study for a minimum duration of 3 months to a maximum duration of 4 years based on the duration of their chosen course. You can extend it on certain conditions. 

After the successful completion of your course, you can apply for a post-study work visa which can lead to Germany permanent residency.

Why study in Germany?

  1. Research-based education system

  2. Quality of education

  3. Lowest unemployment rate

  4. Almost 4 lakh international students are studying in Germany

  5. India is 2nd in ranking among the “international student list” in Germany for the year 2022.

  6. The significant growth of Indians in Germany is because of post-study employment and permanent residency opportunities.


Upcoming Intakes for Universities in Germany in 2023

The general timelines for application submissions are as follows:

Intake 1: Summer Semester – Submit your application on or before January 15th

Intake 2: Winter Semester – Submit your application on or before July 15th

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Why is Global Job Assist the best German educational consultant in Hyderabad, Banjara Hills?

Our Germany-abroad educational consultants are a team of experienced individuals who are very much up-to-date and familiar with the German education system and student visa application process with over 90% of student visa success rate in the recent past.

Below is the 9-step application process we follow while applying for a German student visa:

    1. University Selection: 

Our expert student visa consultants will suggest you the best university based on your interests, course, and financial condition.

   2. Course Selection:

Based on the student's interests and educational background, post-study employment opportunities our educational consultant will recommend the best course for you.

3.  Eligilibility Check:

 We will check your eligibility and help you fulfill the requirements to apply for a student visa.

4. Applying to the University:

Applying with all the required documents to the selected university. 

After receiving the university invitation letter 

5. Create an Account:

 Create an account for yourself with the German immigration authorities

6. Fill out the application:

Filling out the application form without any errors, submitting and waiting for the authorities' decision.

7. Student Visa Interview Training:

We will train you for the student visa interview with mock tests to improve your self-confidence.

9. Guidance of Post-Visa Approval:

Guidance on post-visa approval and pre-departure.

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 Post-Study Work Visa in Germany:

International students who have completed their full-time course and are willing to find work in their area of study are eligible to apply for a post-study work visa. 

Students have to apply for a post-study work visa before the expiry of the study visa after receiving their exam results

On this post-study work visa, students can stay for 18 months and take up any kind of employment related to their area of study to support themselves.

This post-study work visa is a job-seeking visa. 

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Germany Student Visa to German (PR) permanent residency visa?

Below is infographic that illustrates the 4 step path the international student has to take to become a permanent resident of Germany.

infographic that illustrates the 4 step path the international student has to take to become a permanent resident of Germany

Germany Student Visa processing time from India:

It takes around 2 to 3 months to process your student visa. 

The processing time depends on factors like the Germany Embassy, the applicants, based on the country from which you are applying and many other factors.

Germany student visa application fees:

Age Group

Germany Study Visa Cost in Euro

Germany Study Visa Cost in Indian rupees


Euro 75€

INR 6618.30₹

Minors (0-17)

Euro 37,50€

INR 3309.15₹


(€1 = ₹88.24) as of May 2023

Germany student visa requirements:

Arrange all the documents that are required for your student visa before starting your application process and booking an appointment. Below is the list of documents:

Germany Student Visa Checklist:

  1. Valid Indian passport that is valid for at least another 1 year from the date of application. A copy of your passport page on the A4 page.

  2. Application form and declaration with signature

  3. 3 passport-size photos (not older than 6 months) as per biometric specifications.

  4. SOP (statement of purpose letter)

  5. Proof of admission to a Germany University (Admission letter from the university)

  6. Certificates and Transcripts of your previous educational qualifications.

  7. Proof of sufficient funds in your account to support your stay and to pay your tuition fee for 1 year.

  8. Proficiency in English language skills (Reading, Speaking, Writing, Listening).

Germany Student Visa Success Rate:

According to recent research conducted in 2022 & 2023, the German student visa success rate for Indians is said to be around 90%.

Reasons for German student visa rejections:

Insufficient funds and unable to convince the visa officer that your primary intent is to study in Germany and not to work or settle there.

IELTS requirement for Germany Student Visa

The minimum IELTS band requirement for a Germany Student visa is 5.5 to 6.

How to apply for a German Student Visa?

  1. Research and choose your college and course and apply for admission to the university.

  2. After Successfully getting an admission letter

  3. Prepare the document checklist as mentioned above.

  4. Fill out the online application form. Print and sign on it and submit it with other documents.

  5. Print the declaration form on True and sign on it.

  6. Book an appointment for a student visa interview at the nearest Germany Embassy.

  7. Pay the required student visa fees.

Cost of studying in Germany for Indians:

Education is provided free of cost for international students in public universities. They only charge an administration fee per semester. This fee varies based on the university type (public or private) and course.

Private universities charge tuition fees based on your course and the tuition fee is quite low and affordable when compared to tuition fees in other countries like the US, Australia, and Canada.

Education in Germany is affordable compared to education in Canada, Australia, USA.

Average tuition fee in private universities in Germany based on the study program.

Study Program

Average Tuition Fees in Euros €

Average Tuition Fees in Indian Rupees.

Undergraduate Bachelor Degree

€500 -€20,000 yearly

44180.32 INR – 17,67,212.76 INR

Postgraduate Master’s Degree

€5,000 – €30,000 yearly

441803.19 INR – 2650819.13 INR

Note: 1 Euro = 88.36 INR as of May 2023