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Planning a trip to Canada? Discover everything you need to know about the Canada Tourist Visa in this comprehensive article. From eligibility criteria to application process, visa extension, and more, we've got you covered. Ensure a smooth and unforgettable travel experience by understanding the essentials of obtaining a Canada Tourist Visa.

What is Canada Visitor Visa?

The Canada Visitor Visa, also known as the Temporary Resident Visa (TRV), allows holders to visit Canada for tourism, visiting family, or other temporary purposes. It permits entry to Canada through a port of entry where Border Patrol Officers determine entry eligibility based on documents and circumstances. If approved and no criminal intent is found, visitors can proceed with their holiday or family visit to Canada.

Canada Tourist Visa Requirements

To apply for a Canada Tourist Visa, you'll need the following documents:

1. Canada Tourist Visa Application Form.

2. Bank or financial statements to prove sufficient funds for the trip.

3. Travel itinerary or description of your plans in Canada.

4. Letter of invitation from family or friends (if applicable).

5. Proof of relationship (if visiting family).

6. Immigration status of family or friends (if visiting them).

7. Bank statements of family or friends (if visiting them).

8. Declaration Letter explaining the purpose of the visit.

9. Two photos meeting Canada's Photo Requirements.

10. Employment or education details, along with a letter from the employer stating return obligations.

11. Proof of temporary stay plans, such as a lease or property deed.

12. Evidence of no intention to work or study in Canada.

13. Court documents for a clean criminal history.

Remember to translate any non-English or non-French documents.

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How to Apply for the Canadian Visitor Visa?

Applying for a Canadian Visitor Visa: A Quick Guide

1.  Check Eligibility: 

Ensure you meet the requirements for the Canada Visitor Visa (Temporary Resident Visa).

2. Prepare Documents:

Gather necessary documents like passport, financial statements, itinerary, invitation letter (if applicable), employment details, etc.

3. Complete Form:

Fill out the Canada Visitor Visa Application Form accurately.

4. Submit Application:

Send your application and pay the processing fee.

5. Processing:

Wait for the visa office to process your application and respond to any additional requests.

6. Passport Stamping:

If approved, submit your passport for visa stamping.

7. Travel to Canada:

Once stamped, you're ready to visit Canada.

For detailed and current instructions, refer to the official Government of Canada website or consult the nearest Canadian embassy or consulate.

Canada Visitor Visa Fees in Canadian Dollars and Indian Rupees: 

1. Application Fee: 

CAD$100 per person ( 6241.98 Indian Rupees)

2. Biometrics Fee (if required):

Additional CAD$85.(5305.68 Indian Rupees)

3. Passport Processing:

Approximately CAD$45. (2808.89 Indian Rupees)

Total Cost of Application (CAD 235) (14356.55 Indian Rupees):

 CAD$185 (Application Fee + Biometrics Fee) + Passport Processing (Approx. CAD$45).

Please note that visa fees can be subject to change, so it's essential to verify the latest fees on the official Government of Canada website or through the Canadian embassy or consulate before applying.

What is the Canada Visitor Visa Processing time?

The Canada Visitor Visa processing time varies from 8 to 40 days, depending on your country of residence. Generally, you can expect to wait around 1 month for your visa to be processed.

Validity of the Canada Tourist Visa?

The validity of the Canada Tourist Visa varies based on individual cases. It can be issued for the intended visit duration or until passport expiry, depending on the officer's assessment of your ties to your home country. Regardless of validity, the maximum stay allowed is 6 months. After that, you must return home, stay for a period, and then may return to Canada for another 6-month visit.

Can I bring my dependents to Canada with a Tourist Visa?

You can bring your dependents (spouse and minor children) with a Tourist Visa. They need separate applications and fees, but you can apply as a family at the Visa Application Center or online.

Canada Visitor Visa Extension

To stay longer than 6 months in Canada on a tourist visa, you need a Visitor Record, which is an extension. Apply at least 30 days before your visa expires.

What is a Visitor Record?

A Visitor Record is a separate document issued by IRCC when they approve your application for a visa extension. It includes the date by which you must leave Canada. Remember, it's only valid for staying in Canada and doesn't permit re-entry. If you want to leave and re-enter, you'll need to apply for a new Visitor Visa. You can also use a Visitor Record to change your status from a study or work permit to a visitor status.

Eligibility Criteria for Canada Tourist Visa:

1.  Valid Passport: 

Applicant must have a valid passport.

2. Purpose of Visit:

Must provide a clear and genuine purpose for visiting Canada, such as tourism, family visit, or business meetings.

3. Ties to Home Country:

Demonstrate strong ties to the home country, like family, job, property, or financial assets, to show intent to return after the visit.

4. Financial Proof:

Show sufficient funds to cover travel expenses and stay in Canada.

5. No Criminal Record:

Must not have a criminal history or immigration violations.

6. Medical Examination:

Some applicants may require a medical exam to show they do not pose a health risk to Canadians.

7. Intention to Leave Canada:

Prove the intent to leave Canada at the end of the authorized stay.