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Are you a skilled professional looking for a job abroad from India in search of better pay and quality of life then read this guide to know about the number of active job vacancies across the world, occupations in demand, best country to apply to look for a job overseas, key steps to be taken to find a job in a new country, overseas job search assistance.

There is an increase in demand for skilled individuals across the globe. Over the years the Global Job Assist team has gained knowledge about global economic and employment trends to assist our clients in making the right choice about working overseas and guide them on the right path.

Some common factors that led to the growth of international employment and job openings abroad for skilled workers from different countries are:

  •  Shortage of skilled workers in their country

  • To fill critical postings important for the support and growth of their operations who contribute to the economy of the country

Reasons to apply for a job overseas:

  • Better and fair pay and better quality of life (work-life balance)

  • To understand the methodologies of another country's workplace.

  • Customs, traditions and habits and interests of people from other countries.

  • Ease your ability to communicate in a different language

  • International Work experience

  • Better job prospects.

  • Chance to build a network and new acquaintances by meeting new people.

Steps to Find a Job Abroad

  1. Check whether you have the required qualifications to work in the country of your choice.

  2. Check whether your job profile/occupation is in demand or not in the chosen country.

  3. Know the complete information about the work permits or type of visa to be applied to work in the country of your choice.

  4. Use popular and trusted job portal sites like Linkedin, and Indeed to search for jobs abroad.

  5. Build a standard resume and CV

  6. Ask your friends and relatives in the country where you want to work for reference and sponsorship. 

                            Active Job Openings Abroad

  • Software job vacancies in Canada with visa sponsorship

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  • Digital Marketing jobs in canada with visa sponsorship                                                        

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  • Jobs in Canada - Google Careers

    There are 27 software engineering job vacancies in Canada

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How can I find 100% genuine overseas jobs from India?

To get a 100% genuine overseas job, always look for job opportunities on the official trusted employment websites of the respective countries. 

Some popular official employment websites are:

Canada Job Bank:

  • Job Bank is an employment website run by employment and social development Canada.

  • You can use Job Bank to search for open Canadian job vacancies, the latest labour market trends, sign up and subscribe to email job alerts, various job search tools and resources etc.

Jobbörse - Make it in Germany:

Jobbörse - Make it in Germany is a job portal for overseas skilled workers to find suitable job opportunities in Germany.

Other options:

You can also search for jobs on the Federal Employment Agency website,  in Stepstone, and Indeed.

Linkedin is also one of the most used businesses and employment-focused social media platforms to find jobs,

If you're looking for job opportunities in specific companies then look for vacancies directly on their websites.

Which is the best country to look for a job overseas?

Below are some of the factors you need to look for to find the perfect country to look for jobs and to live and work abroad.

  1. Check whether Your Job and skills are in demand in the country.

For example, Australia has a high demand for Registered Nurses [ANZSCO Code 2544] and Software and Applications Programmers [ANZCO code 2613]

  1. Average Cost of living in the country.

  2. Work-life balance

  3. Good Job opportunities in the country.

  4. Ease of getting a work visa in that country.

How can I increase my chances of getting good jobs overseas?

Your chances of getting a job overseas can be increased by focusing on and building skills based on the latest global market trends and creating a professional International resume.

How to get a job abroad?

These are some of the factors that you need to consider and do to get a job abroad successfully.

  1. Decide the suitable country, industry, and duration of your stay by yourself based on the job and skills demanded in the country, and your financial status to move to that country.

  2. Need to look for a job before you go as many countries need a job offer to qualify for a work visa/permit.

  3. Find the work permit requirements of the country and also find out whether the organization that is hiring you will sponsor a work permit.

  4. Improve your relations in the country by engaging in conferences or socializing at different events.


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