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10 steps to get Visa Sponsorship jobs in Luxembourg for foreigners (2024)

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Are you planning to build a successful career in Europe? Then Consider Luxembourg as your work abroad destination. As an expert European job search consultant, I will guide you through finding a job in Luxembourg that sponsors visas for foreigners, and help you with the application process.

In this comprehensive guide, I'll provide you with the knowledge of in-demand IT roles, average salaries, preparing a resume, top job search sites, exploring job opportunities, and the visa application process.

Why choose Luxembourg as a work-abroad destination?

In 2024, Indian professionals are eyeing Luxembourg for its thriving economy, high salaries, multicultural environment, excellent work-life balance, and visa sponsorship opportunities. Luxembourg offers promising prospects and a welcoming atmosphere, making it an appealing destination for career growth.

How to get a job in Luxembourg for foreigners?

  1. Understand the Luxembourg Job Market:

The first step to getting a job in Luxembourg from a foreign country is to do some research about the Luxembourg job market. Know about the Luxembourg job market and the jobs and industries that are in high demand in Luxembourg. 

Know about the educational qualifications, work experience and important skills most employers are looking for and upgrade yourself to meet the demand. You can find this information on websites such as the Luxembourg Ministry of Economic Affairs.

2. Target companies that are known for sponsorship:

Research Luxembourg companies with a history of sponsoring visas for foreign workers. Look for open job positions on their websites or through job boards and apply with a standard ATS-friendly resume.

3. Language Proficiency: 

Enhance your employability by acquiring basic proficiency in Luxembourgish, French, or German. 

4.  Jobs in Demand in Luxembourg for foreigners :

  1. Software Developer: ₹50,00,000 - ₹80,00,000

  2. Data Scientist: ₹60,00,000 - ₹90,00,000

  3. Cybersecurity Expert: ₹65,00,000 - ₹1,00,00,000

  4. IT Project Manager: ₹70,00,000 - ₹1,10,00,000

  5. Business Analyst: ₹55,00,000 - ₹85,00,000

  6. Network Engineer: ₹45,00,000 - ₹75,00,000

  7. Full Stack Developer: ₹50,00,000 - ₹80,00,000

  8. Cloud Architect: ₹60,00,000 - ₹90,00,000

  9. Systems Engineer: ₹40,00,000 - ₹65,00,000

  10. UI/UX Designer: ₹45,00,000 - ₹70,00,000

5. Create a Standard ATS-friendly resume.

Tailor your resume: Create a Standard resume and customize your resume for each job position that you are applying for, highlighting relevant skills, work experience and accomplishments. 

Keyword Optimization: Align your resume with job descriptions to optimize visibility on Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). 

Quantification: Utilize metrics and figures to illustrate the impact of your contributions. 

Clarity and Conciseness: Ensure your resume is clear, well-structured, and easy to understand.

Our expert international resume writers in Hyderabad can help you build a standard resume as per the Luxembourg job market.

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6. Exploring Job Opportunities

  • Explore popular Job Boards:

Find job opportunities on popular sites like Monster.lu, Indeed.lu and Glassdoor.lu, Work in Luxembourg etc.

  • Luxembourg-Specific Platforms

Find vacancies on Moovijob. lu and Jobs. lu tailored to the local market.

Expand your network by connecting with people on professional job search platforms like LinkedIn who are working in Luxembourg, and reaching out to potential employers.

Reach out to our Expert Europe Job Search Consultants to learn more about the jobs in Luxembourg and for any assistance.

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7. Work Visa Types:

Once you receive a job offer from the employer. Understand the work visa types and eligibility based on your job offer to know which work visa is suitable for you to apply for.

  • Highly Qualified Employee Visa: 

The primary option for skilled professionals is sponsored by prospective employers. 

  • Intra-Corporate Transfer Visa: 

Facilitates the transfer of employees within the same company. 

  • Researcher Visa: 

Designed for individuals engaged in research projects within Luxembourg. 

  • Blue Card: 

An EU-wide visa catering to highly skilled workers in specific sectors. 

  • Entrepreneur Visa: 

This visa is for individuals establishing businesses within Luxembourg's borders.

8. How do you apply for a Luxembourg Work visa from India?

For Indian citizens seeking a work visa for Luxembourg, the process varies based on the visa type needed. Here's a concise guide:

  • Identify Visa Type: 

Before applying determine the appropriate visa based on your job offer and expected stay duration, such as a Highly Qualified Worker Permit, Intra-Corporate Transfer Permit, etc.

  • Secure a Visa Sponsorship from your employer: 

Make sure your employer agrees to sponsor your visa application by obtaining a "Certificate of Acceptance" from the Luxembourg Ministry of Immigration.

  • Gather Documents: 

Prepare passport, job offer, contract, qualifications proof, CV, medical certificate, and funds proof. Check the Ministry of Immigration website for details.

  • Submit Application: 

Book an appointment with VFS Global and submit your application package in person.

  • Pay Fees: 

Fees vary based on the visa type. check VFS Global or government websites for details.

  • Attend Interview(if required): 

Some visas may require an interview at the Luxembourg embassy or consulate in India.

Processing Time: 

Processing Times vary based on individual circumstances; So, apply well in advance.

Decision Notification: 

VFS Global will inform you of the outcome; if approved, you'll receive your visa sticker.

Consult with a Europe visa expert or immigration lawyer for specific advice based on your circumstances.

9. Post-Landing: 

Register with local authorities, open a bank account, and explore your new home!

10. Cultural and Salary Research: 

By familiarizing yourself with Luxembourg's work culture, salary standards, taxation system, and cost of living, you can make informed decisions to live comfortably and prosper in this dynamic European country.


Getting a job in Luxembourg from India can be challenging, but it is possible to get a visa sponsorship job with better planning and preparation. By following the tips and strategies in this blog post, you can increase your chances of success.

Consult our expert Europe job search consultants to know more about how to apply for jobs in Europe from India.